05 April 2014

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

Oh, what a beautiful day.

This morning after nap -- and some vigorous spring cleaning where Michael turned the couch on its end to vacuum underneath! -- we all hopped in the car with the intention of spending a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant:

(Sorry for the blur; she's at that age -- 17 months -- where she can't stay still for even one second, and there were tortilla chips at stake!)

And then we walked around the town center for a bit. We didn't end up staying that long because it was chillier than we had anticipated, plus the place was completely dead for some reason, but it was still a lovely way to spend an early afternoon.

Now Daddy's watching golf, Keira is boycotting her afternoon nap in her crib (which is still down-time, so there she shall stay until she freaks out and we have to rescue her), and Momma is reading, drinking her cold coffee and blogging in a leisurely way.

Who could ask for anything more?

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