25 April 2014

My inaugural 7 Quick Takes!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about going to the East Coast, embarrassing myself in interviews, and losing my ability to write the letter F

My first 7 Quick Takes, hosted by the v. inspirational Jennifer at Conversion Diary. Find Jennifer's Quick Takes and the linkup here.

(1) I must have been psychic this week -- or had a tap on the shoulder from my guardian angel -- because I dressed my daughter for daycare in jeans and her St. Patrick's Day tee shirt even though it's mid-to-late April. And THANK HEAVENS because not only did I drop off chocolate cupcakes for snack (made by my delightful sister-in-law at Frosting, a Cupcakery; if you live aaaanywhere near Washington D.C. you should skip the overhyped Georgetown Cupcakes and stop by there), but they also had raspberries for lunch. Stains ahoy, and I don't have to care because it's a $5 Old Navy St. Paddy's Day tee shirt! Nonetheless I was a little dismayed to find a smashed raspberry inside her shirt.

(2) Does anyone else have to say, "Hey! Stop chewing on the furniture!" to their kid upwards of fifty times a day? Check it: we bought this piece of furniture shortly after we moved in here last June. So it is nine or ten months old.

See those scratches? Yeah, those are teeth marks. My little beaver baby stands in front this piece of furniture, and because she's been teething for seriously like a year straight without pause, she gnaws on it. Then she wanders up to me with brown stain-and-shellac bits all in and around her mouth.

This is why we can't have nice things.

(3) Spring has FINALLY sprung here in Northern Virginia. I'm sinus-ally miserable (post-nasal drip, whyyyyyyyy) but I can honestly promise you that I have never been so happy to see leaves budding. I'm usually a "Oh hey spring is fully here?" sort of non-noticer.

(4) My mailman knocked on the door the other day because my mail was overflowing the box. He gave me the stack and said, "Oh, I thought you must have been out of town, there was so much mail in there."

It was two days' worth. TWO.

So I flipped through the stack and only just controlled my impulse to run after him, because the reason there was so much mail in two days is because I had gotten two Pottery Barn catalogs, two Pottery Barn Kids catalogs, and two West Elm catalogs. I'm not sure if it's the mailman's fault for delivering multiples, but it's definitely the fault of Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and West Elm for sending me multiple copies of their catalogs, sometimes two or three times a month. How does that even happen? Can't they ask their computer to weed out repeated addresses? And it's not like I buy from these catalogs, so this is just a colossal waste of resources.

(5) This was my morning to sleep in. My husband works from home on Fridays, so he gets the baby up, dressed, fed and takes her to daycare. This morning he had an appointment to have his car serviced, so he was on a deadline but he still remembered to give Keira her eyedrops (pinkeye is long gone but I'm still droppin'!), bring milk to daycare for her, feed her AND bring her some string cheese, and then stop off to get me a bagel before switching cars and heading off to his appointment.

(6) Have you ever had a brutal headache, gotten yourself out a pair of Tylenol tabs, put them on your desk while you did one quick thing, and then two hours later wondered why your headache was still plaguing you? And then discovered the two Tylenol tabs still sitting on your desk, NOT bringing you sweet, sweet relief?

Yeah. I did that yesterday.

(7) This weather: ❤️❤️❤️

(I don't know why the video is a guy spinning a sign. But this is my JAM on sunny spring days after the longest. winter. ever.)


  1. Just discovered your blog through 7QT, and enjoyed reading through your post. Don't you just love it when the husband takes care of the young one(s) in the morning? Makes my whole day. Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

    1. Oh my goodness it is MAGIC. To get to sleep until I wake naturally -- which, let's be serious, is still like 7:15 -- is just a wonder. Love it and him for making it possible!

      Happy Divine Mercy Sunday to you, too!