16 April 2014

Deep-ish thoughts on a missing package.

We went out of town for the weekend last weekend, and in our absence a package from Amazon was delivered. The management company has requested that the delivery companies (UPS, FedEx, LaserShip, USPS, etc.) not leave packages at people's doors, but to bring them to the office if no one answers their knock. It seems that they have chosen not to comply.

My package was not at our door when we got home on Monday, and it is not at our management office because they send an email when they're holding a package (plus the hubs called to ask them, and they don't have it). I just realized it was missing this morning.

My first instinct was to get really annoyed that someone stole my package. And, let's be honest, I'm still annoyed; but now I'm also feeling sorry for someone who would risk the state of their immortal soul to steal my pencil lead. Because that's what was in the package: 0.5 mm refill lead for my favorite mechanical pencil. And some erasers. Someone racked up a mortal sin and came away with pencil lead and erasers. I'll say a prayer for you, package thief.

Nice to have trustworthy neighbors, isn't it?

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