01 April 2014

By the end of my life, I will have...

... Raised a perfect family full of perfect children.

... Furnished and decorated the perfect home.

... Learned to cook a series of perfect meals from whatever ingredients are to hand.

... Achieved a perfect relationship with God, as evidenced by my perfect behavior and my perfect prayer life.

... Learned to express myself with perfect clarity and perfect fearlessness.

... Attained the perfect body and the perfect wardrobe.

Hahaha okay. Obviously, by the end of my life, I will have accomplished, probably, NONE of those things. Especially not the perfect behavior and the perfect body. It's appropriate that I'm starting this blog on April Fool's Day because someone reading this, if anyone at all ever reads this, might think that I seriously expected to complete anything I mentioned up there.

Obviously every item on that list, and probably a few more besides, are goals I'd love to reach. But as we all know well, to err is human and I am only too human. (You'll learn that about me.)

So my plan is to work it all out -- my future-perfect life -- on the internet!

Because nothing ever goes wrong on the internet.

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