08 April 2014

"Facebook God" gives the kind of advice you'd expect, I guess.

Oh my gracious, this is SO SAD:

(Sorry about the picture quality. I took a screenshot from my phone. Click to enlarge.)

Everything about this just breaks my heart to pieces. I'm heartbroken that this girl was pressured into an abortion she didn't want. I'm heartbroken that her parents treated her so badly, instead of with love and forgiveness. I'm heartbroken that she had no one better in her life to turn to than Facebook God, who bears absolutely no resemblance to the God I know. I'm heartbroken that someone masquerading as our God and Father gave this girl such bad advice as, "Abortion is legal, therefore it can't be murder." And I'm heartbroken that over 4,600 people have "liked" this post on Facebook (at the time of this writing), and have posted many comments that if "this God" had a church, they'd be there.

So, so sad.

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