09 November 2015

God is great (but you knew that)

A family member -- one of the ones for whom I begged vague prayers earlier -- who is facing a struggle was given good news. Like, really good news.

AND! The realtor of the house we saw last Friday, which we really, really liked and whose owner didn't want to wait for us (all the way to five weeks from now), called and said that the owner reconsidered taking our application. (I guess high credit scores count for something after all!) So the good news is that we probably won't be homeless; the bad news is that I'm going to have to actually set, like, a budget because my plan to get our rent way down is not panning out.

Thanks for storming heaven for me, prayer warriors!

(And keep 'em coming, please, because none of this is set in stone yet. Just... Hopeful, for a change.)

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