24 April 2015

Seven Quick Takes - April 24, 2015

These Quick Takes are in no particular order. They're up and down from important to trivial and back again.

1. It is almost May in Virginia and when my two-year-old walked out the door this morning, the first thing she said, while her hair blew back from her sweet little toddler face, was, "Ohhh it is COLD out here." Seriously, VA, what's up. Dwija's Instagram has been making me jealous, and she lives IN MICHIGAN.

2. Grey's Anatomy hit the airwaves at some point while I was in college. I graduated in 2005; I'm not going to look up when it actually debuted because I don't care that much, but I distinctly recall watching with my roommates. I quit watching a couple of years later, I think around the time Kate Walsh went to that terrible spin-off I cannot recall the name of, that I quit immediately because holy manufactured drama, Batman (and then I was mad I'd ever watched any of it when I found out how radically pro-abortion Kate Walsh is). Aaaaaanyway: I haven't thought about Grey's in years, but this morning my Facebook had exploded with ridiculousness because SPOILER ALERT, they killed off McDreamy. I saw at least two people declare that they needed to take bereavement time from work today, and three separate people said they were sitting shiva.

It made me laugh, and then it made me so relieved that I'm completely divested from Shondaland. I hope that all those people can see their way clear to get a life soon.

3. This is National Infertility Awareness Week. I wrote about my experience with infertility here.

4. We finally shuffled the furniture around so that little man would have a real place to sleep. He hadn't been doing so great in the Rock 'n Play anymore because he weighs like 20 lbs at almost four months and every time he moved the thing creaked and the creaking would wake him up. So two weeks ago we transitioned Keira to a big-girl bed...

And then yesterday we finally had the time to move the guest bed out of my office and move the crib from Keira's room into the office so that Declan could have the crib.

It was all very, very promising. And then Declan, my good sleeper, slept like crap. I'm hoping it's just the transition, and the fact that we haven't hung the blackout curtain yet, and the fact that I need to put electrical tape over the 1,000 bright little LEDs on my office equipment, and he'll be back to sleeping like a champion again soon. This week has been challenging.

5. I'm expecting a new little niece or nephew any minute. Please say a quick prayer for my sister-in-law, so that she has a quick and uneventful delivery of little Tanner or Bryn (unless they change their minds about the names).

6. This week, a judge ruled that Sherri Shepherd is, in fact, the mother of the child she and her husband commissioned from a surrogate. ("Commissioned" is the most accurate term. The baby boy is biologically the child of Shepherd's ex-husband and a donor, but Shepherd was complicit in the ordering of a child as if children are custom couches instead of unique and precious gifts from God.) This makes me so disgusted. Please say another prayer for that poor baby, who's going to grow up someday and find out that his father had to go to court to force his mother to be his mother.

7. I think I found a new favorite meal. I had made this kielbasa and potatoes recipe for dinner a couple of nights ago. It's the non-soup version of this Crock-Pot potato and kielbasa chowder, which I LOVE and my husband loves less, because he's not into soup (i.e. he's a crazy person). We had a ton of leftovers because 5 large potatoes and a pound of kielbasa makes a lot of food -- plus we obviously had to have a vegetable on the side so I couldn't just totally fill our plates with it like I'd have wanted if I didn't have to be concerned about our health. Stupid health. It occurred to me that the leftovers would be perfect for breakfast with eggs. Specifically soft-boiled eggs. But I'd never made soft-boiled eggs before and I struggle out of all proportion with hard-boiled eggs and soft-boiled seemed even harder. So I hopped on Pinterest and found a tutorial that was perfect. And easy. And when I opened up the perfectly soft-boiled egg and the yolk ran down into my potatoes and kielbasa...

I may have cried. With deliciousness.


Thanks to Kelly for hosting!

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