26 April 2015

Four Reasons Why Early Teething is THE WORST.

Early teething suh-huuuuuucks. I've been through this before; Keira had ELEVEN teeth on her first birthday. I'm enjoying it no more the second time around.

My son will be four months old tomorrow. He has already been teething for weeks. Here's why it sucks:

1) He can't have Advil yet (two more months!), and as I'm sure the formerly-pregnant remember, Tylenol is a cruel joke on the pain-having community. It. Is. Worthless.

2) He, like all other babies his age, isn't even close to having the coordination to hold his own teether.

3) He's going to have a couple of razors in his gums e'er long. Waaaay too early. By which I mean: long before I have any hope of convincing him not to bite me while nursing.

4) His sleep has gone to crap.

I guess #4 is true of babies teething at any age. Poor little boy, and poor us!

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