24 June 2015

This one kind of got away from me.

At the dinner table, Declan made a gaggy-chokey noise.
Me: You okay, bud?
Keira: Y'okay, bud? (Gags on her dinner while speaking with her mouth full.)
Me: Are YOU okay, bud?
Keira: No, I'm da girl. HE'S "bud." Y'okay buddy boy?

I suspect that's not funny to anyone but me. But I laughed until I had to wipe away tears. She's the sweetest big sister, and very sure that everything is supposed to be the way she thinks it's supposed to be.

Speaking of tears, what is up with Up?! It's Keira's favorite right now, and I have to make myself too busy to look up during the first twenty minutes. Because otherwise I cry and cry. Poor Carl and Ellie! It makes my heart break all over again for anyone suffering from miscarriage and infertility. If that's you, don't watch Up, and know that we pray for your intentions every night.

H'okay so I just wanted to share a funny quote from my kids and then this got heavy real fast. So, as my hysterical little not-bud girl would say: Sorry 'bout dat.

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